(Last Updated On: July 11, 2023)

This week on CreativeLSJ Monologues, we discussed being unbothered after a breakup! Sometimes when stuff keeps happening, you’ve been dealing with the same problems for a long time, trying to make it work. If you have kids, you must think of yourself, your mental health, and your kids before you allow yourself to break down over a relationship ending. Truthfully said, you’ve probably had your breakdown already or going through it right now!

You have to value yourself and sometimes know your season with your partner is over because your kids’ birth and development were the purposes the both of you were together. Or the lesson and the experience you were supposed to have learned already. Whatever the case may be, it’s over. Take the time you need to heal and move on!

Now, it is time to get you together! Ask yourself, what do you want to do now? Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with your career? Ask yourself the important questions you need to ask so you can do some of the things you put on hold or didn’t do. Do not allow yourself to sink into a depression because that phase of your life is over. Remember, every breakup is a setup for you to be closer to the man God wants you to be with next. So, don’t worry about him. You have some healing to get through and some goals to accomplish! Get back to yourself! Love yourself! Date Yourself! Get to know yourself again. Who you were when you were dating him might not be who you are now.

Yes, it is hard, but when it is time to move on, move on! Don’t linger in the past. You are walking into your new journey onto a new stage that he cannot come. He is going right, and you are going left. Even if you must disconnect yourself completely and cut off contact, do so. Making sure you have healthy boundaries is important to your mental health.

Understand that it wasn’t your fault. American Writer Darnell Lamont Walker states, “Trees still grow after letting dead things go.” We have to understand that life does not end because a relationship ends. That relationship was just a quarter of your life; now, live, experience, love, and grow!


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