LOVE’S FOOL (Coming Soon)

By Laquann Jenkins

“LOVE’S FOOL ” follows four friends (Sharon, Tracie, Jazz, and Olivia) through their struggle with love. Olivia is usually the go-to person when tragedy strikes, but she is tired and cannot be the true friend she usually is because she has got shit of her own she is going through, so she takes her friends to see her therapist, Ms. Washington. So they can get some professional help and allow her to deal with her shit. Sharon must move on after going through a domestic violence situation with her husband. Olivia sometimes realizes she is just too damn friendly and gets herself in awkward positions, wanting no love but all the benefits. Tracie wants it all! Love, a happy family, and a career, but she has to choose between the two. She is with her husband for the kids, and they are just going through the motions until her last child leaves for college, but can she continue like this? Jazz is a Christian who doesn’t seem to think it is a problem with her dating married men, unavailable men. “

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