Mad Passion

Mad Passion (Coming Soon)

by Laquann Jenkins (The Revised Edition)

Have you ever gotten out of a cab and noticed that he is still sitting on the corner watching you right before you enter your building? Have you ever walked home from the train station with the strange feeling that someone is following you? You could feel his touch and hear his voice, yet no one was there. You start to imagine that you are going crazy. The next day you turn on the television to watch the morning weather report while you get dressed, similar to any other day, but this time instead of the weather, you see your face on the news. Her name is Karin Joseph, she lives close by you, and someone raped and murdered her in her apartment.

You start to wonder how he got so close to her. Would you be afraid to step outside your home? Was it you he meant to kill? Now, one of your sisters is missing. Chris wants to get close to Alesha and her two sisters, but he gets more than he bargained for. He went out with Avah first because she had that devious, daring personality that he was drawn to. He wines and dines her, toys with her for a little while, and then things get out of hand…She cries rape. Avah decides to inform the police that the man she went out with name was Chris when she doesn’t remember. It makes you wonder if Alesha is missing and if the police were sent on a wild goose chase. The only thing Chris wants is to get close to his beloved Alesha. He watches everyone close to her like a hawk, revealing her true enemies while someone new mesmerizes him.

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